Rizal Resources | TSX.V:RZL | About Us
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About Us

Rizal Resources Corporation is a mineral company engaged in the exploration of precious and base metal projects  (gold-silver-copper) with a high quality portfolio of mineral assets, located in Philippine Island of Mindanao, long recognized as one of the country’s most mineralized areas. Its corporate objective is to advance the exploration and economical development of our projects.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a profitable and low cost mineral development, processing and exploration company. Through least cost operations, we strive to build shareholder value, improve social, economic and natural environments and make a positive and valuable contribution to our stakeholders.

Corporate Governance

Rizal Resources Corporation continually strives for transparency in all of our actions and is committed to maintaining high standards of Corporate Governance to attract and retain the trust of our shareholders, our employees and the communities we work in. To this end, the Board has affected a number of changes by creating committees with appropriate charters and approved policies to focus on enhancing our corporate governance. The Board is committed to continuous improvement and maintenance of these policies.

The Board of Directors has established an Audit Committee and a Governance, Nomination and Compensation Committee, both with clearly defined Charters, and has appointed a Disclosure Officer with appropriate policy guidance.

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

We have adopted a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (the ‘Code’) that applies to every Rizal employee, including the Chief Executive Officer and other senior executive and financial officers, and to the members of our Board of Directors. It embodies our commitment to conduct our business in accordance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations while maintaining the highest ethical standards throughout our organization.

Whistle Blower Policy

The Board of Directors has implemented a Whistle Blower Policy that is responsible for ensuring that a confidential and anonymous process exists whereby persons can report any Concerns relating to the Company. For the purposes of our Whistle Blower Policy, the definition of ‘Concerns’ is intended to be broad and comprehensive and to include any matter, which in the view of the complainant, is illegal, unethical, contrary to the policies of the Company or in some other manner not right or proper.

Social Media Policy

We have adopted a Social Media Policy that applies to every Rizal employee, including the Chief Executive Officer and other senior executive and financial officers, and to the members of our Board of Directors. These individuals have certain responsibilities with regard to the publication of news and information regarding its operations. In addition to regulatory requirements for proper and effective continuous disclosure as a public company, Rizal has adopted this policy to clarify who is authorized to speak for the Company and provide information to third parties, including media, with regard to news, updates, opinions, events, plans and any other information of a material or non-material nature.

Please contact the company if you require a copy of any of the policies on this page.